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Maria Onilla

Meet the Owner, Maria Onilla

Maria Onilla-Cardines is a consultant with decades of experience in sales, business management, and boutique consulting. Maria has been able to start and spearhead a variety of different companies with success. With footing in several industries, Maria has been sought out professionally from hundreds of companies, big and small. Her expertise has lead many businesses to exponential growth.

Maria currently has a handful of companies and dozens of clients all over the world. After years of operating her own Private Career College, Maria has become a popular consultant amongst the Education industry, specifically the registration, maintenance, and enhancement of colleges in the private sector.


Education &
Business Consulting

Expert Guidance

Maria’s expertise transcends borders, having collaborated with companies worldwide. Her international experience has garnered accolades and recognition, making her a sought-after consultant in the field.

Entrepreneurial Triumphs

Maria’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the growth of multiple successful companies, igniting the success stories of countless businesses.

Private Career College Expert

With a background in operating a Private Career College, Maria’s insights into the registration, maintenance, and enhancement of colleges in the private sector are unparalleled. Her journey from a college owner to a renowned consultant has inspired many.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from education experts with in-depth knowledge, ensuring compliance and meeting requirements.

Strategic Planning

Enhance long-term success with strategic marketing and growth strategies

Innovative Solutions

Stay ahead with cutting-edge strategies and technologies.

Tailored Curriculum

Get customized curricula for competitive advantage in the education market

Core Values


At MO Consultancy, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. Our dedicated team strives for the highest standards, ensuring that every client receives top-notch service and solutions.


Our clients are at the heart of our mission. We prioritize your needs, providing personalized, client-centric solutions that align with your goals and aspirations.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our approach. We uphold the highest ethical standards, transparency, and honesty in all our interactions, fostering trust and reliability


Innovation drives us forward. We continuously explore new ideas, technologies, and strategies to deliver innovative solutions that propel your institution’s success.

Innovation in Education, Excellence in Outcomes.

At Maria Onilla Consultancy, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet our clients’ unique business needs. Leveraging years of expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering results-driven strategies that foster growth and innovation.

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